HBD Industries Announces Launch of New Websites for Forged Products

Includes Access to New Precision Metal Products and California Drop Forge Websites

HBD Industries is pleased to announce the launch of a new online presence dedicated to the forging industry, Providing customers with an easy access point to HBD’s full line of forging capabilities, this new website serves as a gateway to the company’s Precision Components businesses, Precision Metal Products, Inc. (PMP) and California Drop Forge, Inc. (CDF). With more than 150 years of forging and metal working experience between them, PMP and CDF offer a complete range of forging capabilities, and as part of the launch, HBD redesigned both of their websites, introducing new URLs for each: and Featuring a consistent look and feel, improved navigation, condensed product information and enhanced images, all three websites of the HBD Forging Group offer an easier more enjoyable user experience.

Specializing in the manufacture of precision closed die, net and near-net forgings and machined components for aerospace, military, medical and industrial applications, PMP and CDF each manufacture precision forgings of differing sizes, but as a whole their products range from under 1 lb. to 1,000 lbs. Through the new site, users can better compare the two brands and select the one that best meets their needs, accessing all of the product information for both from a single location.

“We are very excited about the introduction of the new websites for our Precision Components Businesses, as we strive to offer all of our capabilities in one place,” said Mr. Thomas Pozda, President & CEO – HBD Industries “Combined, PMP and CDF offer a customer the complete package, capable of providing a solution for any forged component need they may have, large or small, and we want to make it easy for customers to see that benefit and find us.” and will replace the legacy domains and, which will now be redirected to the new domains in order to streamline the user experience. Users can access the individual websites directly, or can go through the website.


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