Precision Metal Products manufactures precision aerospace and aviation forgings, net and near-net components serving a diverse range of applications, such as components for jet engines, aircraft structures, landing gear and many others. We are dedicated to providing quality, precision products to aerospace OEMs and end users.



Precision Metal Products produces reliable and application engineered military /defense-oriented products. We have a long history of supplying Military OEMs and the US DOD. Many of our military forgings and machined products are integral components in long term defense systems and we produce every product to ensure successful, military mission performance.



Precision Metal Products produce many critical components and products serving a wide range of medical and health applications. From orthopedic products such as knee, hip, elbow or shoulder implants to X-Ray Targets, we use extensive application expertise, superior engineering knowledge and quality manufacturing to produce products to the exacting standards needed for our medical OEM customers.



Precision Metal Products manufactures a wide range of forged petro-chemical drilling components. From exotic metal alloys used on new fossil fuel source drill sites to traditional deep hole or ocean petroleum exploration drilling rigs, PMP’s forged components are designed and manufactured to
meet the extreme pressures, high metal stress and rough conditions present in underground/ocean drilling environments. Many petroleum-chemical drilling OEMs and drilling operators rely on PMP’s forged drill components to help maintain difficult drill operations and schedules.



Precision Metal Products manufacture components for energy generating systems. This includes a wide variety of industrial equipment frame and other forged components for end users and OEMs. We use innovative metallurgical expertise and metal fabrication skill to produce products to help improve energy efficiency, provide peak performance and power generation solutions.