Product Manufacturing and Engineering Services

PMP’s product manufacturing and engineers utilize the latest CAD software and 3-D computer modeling programs such as

  • ProE
  • NX
  • SurfCam
  • SolidWorks

These computer programs allow us to streamline the mechanical drafting/illustration process, minimize material waste and deliver structurally sound metal forgings and components.

With these software programs, our engineers/manufacturing personnel avoid potential problems and make necessary process adjustments to ensure maximum efficiency in the manufacturing of critical forgings. Working closely with our Quality Control Personnel, our engineering/metallurgists refine our manufacturing processes to meet the ever changing standards required by the industries we serve. When forging critical components for use in jet engines, orthopedic implants, power generation or extreme high pressure drilling, we believe there is no margin for error or substitute for experience.

Forging, Machining, Pre and Post Forging Production Capabilities

Precision Metal Products is widely recognized for its superior craftsmanship and precision metal forging /machining capabilities. We have the only commercially available high-velocity forging presses in North America. Our forging presses, machining and production equipment is extensive. Shown below is an overview of the various manufacturing, production, machining and finishing related services we can provide to our customers. For a more comprehensive list of our manufacturing equipment and services, please see our equipment list.

  • Screw Presses (200-7,000 tons)
  • High-Velocity Presses (125,000 – 300,000 ft lb)
  • Mechanical Presses (75-1,500 tons)
  • Upsetting Presses (1.25″ Max Billet Diameter)
  • Hydraulic Presses (300-1,000 tons)
  • Titanium Chemical Milling
  • Heat Treatment
  • Hot Caustic Cleaning (Kolene)
  • Non–Destructive Testing
  • Metallurgical Testing
  • Precision Machining, Milling, and Turning
  • Assembly

Download: Precision Metal Products Forging, Manufacturing, Machining and Pre / Post Services Capabilities