Who We Are

Founded in 1963, Precision Metal Products (PMP) is located in El Cajon, California (in San Diego County). PMP forges raw metal alloys into precision forgings and also offers machining. PMP has the only commercially available high -velocity forging presses in North America.

PMP is a major manufacturer of close-tolerance forgings for medical, aerospace and industrial applications. Forgings are produced using high-velocity, mechanical, hydraulic and screw press technologies. Utilizing these various technologies enables PMP to provide close tolerance precision forgings, considerably reducing raw material cost. Our customers realize post-forging savings by reduction or elimination of machining and polishing labor. Aerospace and industrial parts are produced from virtually all forgeable alloys. Medical implants are forged from a variety of materials such as titanium, cobalt-chrome-molybdenum, stainless steel, and other customer-specific special alloys.

The company provides total in-house product and process control including raw material procurement and testing, forge and machine tool design, tool and die fabrication and continuing through the complete forging process. Our post-forging procedures, such as heat treating, cleaning, chemical milling, and machining and non-destructive testing convert forgings into finished end items based on customers’ component/product specifications. Adding to the reliability of PMP’s products is an exacting quality program that begins with testing of raw stock and continues through every phase of the company’s manufacturing and machining production cycles.

Precision Metal Products’ quality manufacturing control systems complies with ISO 9001 Standards and with U.S. Military standards and specifications and is approved by many aerospace prime contractors and OEMS. Additionally, we are certified to AS9100/ISO9001 and ISO13485. A completely equipped and professionally staffed metallurgical laboratory provides mechanical property determinations, chemical analysis and other metallurgical verifications as required by the customer through all stages of processing.